Time to take a deep breath, because I’ll be releasing quite a number of books in 2022 and 2023.

Most likely ten (yikes!).

To start with, I’ve just released the deliciously spooky The Ghost Locket in Australia/NZ. It will also be released in October 2022 in the UK with a super-special Christmassy cover.

I’ll then be starting an illustrated junior fiction series which has been so much fun to write. Three books are planned in this series. The first book, Miss Penny Dreadful and the Midnight Kittens will be released in August 2022 in Australia/NZ.

Writing as AJ Rushby, I’ll have a Young Adult book out in October called The Stand In. Just like The Fifth Room, published a few years back, it’s a bit of a mystery/psychological thriller/romance mash up and lots of suspenseful fun.

Moving on to 2023, I’ll be releasing a much younger illustrated series, entitled The Wish Sisters, about two sisters who are granted unlimited wishes thanks to a tricksy imp.

And in 2024? I might need a rest. Only kidding, I’ll just keep writing …