We might be a fair way into 2024 already, but to be honest, I’m still reeling from 2023. I published seven books, which was a very silly amount of books to have out in one year. But somehow it all came together and the books and I came out on the other side!

I wasn’t sure how I could top this in 2024, but it turns out this year will be exciting in a different sort of way. I might not have any books being published this year, but I do have some big news. In 2025, I’ll be making a move back into the world of publishing books for adults.

Readers are sometimes surprised to hear I actually started out in the world of adult publishing. My first few books were “chick-lit”, published back in the day of Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones’s Diary. I released quite a few of them in Australia and internationally in countries such as the USA, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, ┬ábefore turning my hand to children’s fiction.

Anyway, drum roll!

I’m excited to announce that, writing as A. Rushby (that’s her on the left, mooching about in Highgate Cemetery), I’ve sold two books to VERVE Books in the UK. The first, Slashed Beauties, a tale of three bewitched anatomical wax models, will be released in the UK in the first half of 2025. If you like your books gothic and a little horror-y, Slashed Beauties might just be the read for you!